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  • Material: Water-Based
  • Function: Clitoral Stimulation
  • Size: 2 oz.

Shunga Lotus Stimulating Gel for Her


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SHUNGA has developed its Organica product line for those who are passionate about lovemaking and nature, and are looking for products that contain carefully selected natural and certified organic ingredients, like this Lotus Stimulating Gel. 

Lotus Gel isn't a lubricant - it's a safe and gentle topical aphrodisiac designed to enhance your sensations. 

This certified organic formula contains high-quality ingredients that gently sensitize the clitoris to touch, temperature and vibration.

Massage a small amount into the clitoral area and feel Lotus Gel's circulation-boosters go to work within minutes, intensifying and electrifying all your sensations. 

Long-lasting but not overpowering, Shunga Lotus Stimulating Gel will keep you tingling through your next erotic encounter.

  • Water-based and certified organic pure vegetable glycerin
  • Compatible with all condoms and sex toys
  • Helps to increase clitoral and penis sensitivity
  • Enhances lubrication
  • Latex-safe
Inspired by erotic art, Shunga's mission is to provide quality products to enhance the intimacy for couples wishing to add variety and sensuality to their love making. Covered with shunga artwork and sleek lines reminiscent of Japanese design, our packaging is a treat for the eye. Their contents are treasures for arousal such as aphrodisiac oils and edible body powders, love-enticing balms, oils and creams for sensual massages, stimulants, lubricants, and much, much more.
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    Shunga Lotus Stimulating Gel for Her

    Shunga Lotus Stimulating Gel for Her

    Long-lasting but not overpowering, Shunga Lotus Stimulating Gel will keep you tingling through your next erotic encounter.


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