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  • Material: Silicone
  • Color: Purple
  • Safety Feature: Phthalates Free
  • Function: Kegel Exercise
  • Allergy Info: Latex-Free
  • Quantity: 2 Exercisers
  • Weight: 80 grams
  • MANUFACTURER:California Exotics

Berman Kegel Set Silicone Weighted Kegel Exercisers


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Take control of your sexual health.

Your pelvic floor muscles form the bottom of your pelvis and support your pelvic organs. They are not only responsible for urinary continence, but also crucial for your ability to reach orgasm.

With Dr. Laura Berman's Silicone Kegel Set, you'll enjoy 2 gradually weighted exercisers designed to strengthen the PC muscles.

Perfect for women who struggle with incontinence when laughing, running, sneezing or coughing, just 15 minutes of exercise a day will help you feel stronger, tighter and more confident in the bedroom and beyond. 

Start with the larger, lighter ball (that's easier to grip.) Coat the ball with a small amount of waterbased lubricant, insert, and flex!

 Aim for three sets of ten kegel flexes at first, then four if you can handle it, ten times a day.

As your muscles strengthen and your sets become easier, you can switch to the smaller, heavier weight. 

Both balls are tapered for easy entry and made of medical-grade silicone so they are body-safe, simple to clean and and phthalates free. 

Product Dimensions: 3.25" x 1.25" Medium Ball 60g (insertable) 6.5" x 1.25" (Medium Ball 60g (overall)) 5.5" x 1.25" (Small Ball (overall)) 2" x 1.25" (Small Ball 80g (insertable)

Partner with a water-based lubricant and clean with soap and water or toy cleaner after each use.

About Berman Products: Created by Laura Berman, PhD, a world renowned sex and relationship educator and therapist; popular TV host; New York Times best-selling author; and assistant clinical professor of ob-gyn and psychiatry at the Feinberg School of Medicine at Northwestern University in Chicago, the Berman Sexual Wellness Line is designed to help women and couples to improve their sex lives and achieve a heightened level of intimacy.

Each item in the line is designed for a different sexual challenge or set of sexual health goals. Whether you've never had an orgasm, want to strengthen your pelvic floor or you want to spice things up with your partner, there is an Intimate Accessory that's perfect for you.

Dr. Laura Berman

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    Berman Kegel Set Silicone Weighted Kegel Exercisers

    Berman Kegel Set Silicone Weighted Kegel Exercisers

    With Dr. Laura Berman's Silicone Kegel Set, you'll enjoy 2 gradually weighted exercisers designed to strengthen the PC muscles.

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