Warning About Latex

Allergic Reaction to Latex:

1% of the US population has experienced a sensitivity to natural rubber latex. True latex allergy is a serious condition that can ultimately lead to life-threating health issues.

If you do have a latex allergy, we ask that you avoid latex-containing products by checking the material content listed on all the adult sex toys on our website. We also welcome you to contact us by phone or e-mail to find out if a particular product is safe for you. 

How are latex and rubber allergies identified?

People at risk or with symptoms of possible latex allergy should be tested by an allergy specialist. The latex skin prick test is a very sensitive and safe mean of identification of potentially allergic patients.  

If you have experienced irritation with latex condoms in the past and suspect you may have a Latex allergy, keep in mind that you may be reacting to the lubricant and preservatives within that particular brand - not latex. Check with your Doctor to find out if you are at risk for Latex sensitivity. 

Latex and Sex Toys:

Many soft sex toys made from "Jelly" or "Jelly Rubber" contain Latex. If you are Latex-Sensitive, only select products that are clearly marked as "Latex-Free" under the product information. You may also contact our operators to verifiy which products are Latex-Free.

Some examples of Latex-Free materials for sex toys are: Silicone, TPE, Elastomer, Nitrile, Cyberskin, Glass, Metal and Hard Plastics. Additionally, all products listed within our Green Sex Toys category are Latex-Free. 


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