Sex Toys 101

Sex Toys 101: Questions and Answers

Since the dawn of time man has been plagued with great cosmic questions: Why do people use anal plugs? What’s the difference between a “personal massager” and a dildo? And what the hell is a “marital aid”? Get the facts, now!

Sex Toy Care and Feeding

Your vibrator is always ready to bring a smile to your face and asks so very little in return. Here you can learn how to keep it running smoothly. Also find out how to properly clean specialty toy materials, like silicone and Cyberskin.

Anal Sex Guide for Women

For some women, anal sex is the "ultimate taboo." For others, it's the ultimate pleasure! With a few basic precautions the physical sensations you can get from anal sex can be out of this world.

Anal Sex Guide for Men

Contrary to popular belief, anal sex isn’t only for gay men anymore-prostate stimulation is becoming increasingly popular in the straight world. Find out how to make this "forbidden" sex act safe and pleasurable.

Squirting and Female Ejaculation

It's no myth! Not every woman can ejaculate but every woman can enjoy g-spot stimulation. Find out how to trap that wily (and sometimes hard to find) G-spot, the catalyst of the squirting orgasm!

A Guide to Cock Rings

Before Viagra, there was the mighty cock ring! Cock rings are available in a wide range of styles for a variety of uses, from partner pleasure to erectile dysfunction. Here you’ll find the latest information on cock rings, how to use them properly, and what style is best for you.

A Guide to Sex Toy Materials

Picking the right sex toy requires a basic understanding of how they are made. Here we’ll discuss sex toy materials like silicone, jelly and elastomer and more. Find out what they contain, how they perform and what lubricants they are compatible with.

Bachelorette Party Help

From naughty to nice, we've got the tips and ideas for designing the bachelorette party that fits your personal style, plus party shopping lists and recipes!

Buying Your First Vibrator

Like shopping for your first car, first-time sex toy buying can also be a nerve-wracking experience. With the hundreds of brands, colors and styles on the market you want to know if it will work, if it’s a high-quality product and whether or not you’re getting taken for a ride. No need to fear-We’ve compiled a few simple tips that will give you the confidence you need to buy the perfect toy. Remember, Sex is fun! And what could be more fun than sex and shopping? Let’s begin.

Weird Sexual Trivia

Want to know which U.S state will allow you to have sex with a fish? Of course you do. Step away from the aquarium and get the real low-down on the smallest documented male erection, learn the location of the country that gets the most action (it’s not the U.S) and more bizarre sexual facts and laws than you can shake an unhappy fish at.

First Times of the Rich and Famous

Ahhh.. Useless-yet-fascinating trivia. We do love it so. Why are other people’s first-time stories so intriguing? It must be because most first-time sexual experiences are awkward and humiliating (in short, HILARIOUS) That is, Unless you happen to Oliver Stone.

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