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  • Length: 7.5 Inches
  • Color: Dark Skin Tone
  • Safety Feature: Phthalates Free
  • Function: Male Masturbation
  • Action: Vibrating

Mistress Vibrating Stroker - Chocolate


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Get it right, get it tight.

When it's time to take care of that special someone (you) we've got the side chick you've been looking for.

This petite Curve Mistress Stroker is always ready to take care of your needs - no questions asked!

Features include a realistic entry with handpainted pink pussy lips, a tight, grippy textured love tunnel, and a simulated pubic bone designed to take your erotic fantasy to the next level. 

Made from ultra premium Bioskin material, this open-ended stroker looks real and feels even better.

Just add a little lube and insert the included 10-function vibrating egg to give it an extra kick. 

Just clean with soap and water and store dry away from other soft sex toys.

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    Mistress Vibrating Stroker - Chocolate

    Mistress Vibrating Stroker - Chocolate

    This petite Curve Mistress Stroker is always ready to take care of your needs - no questions asked!

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