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  • Material: Silicone
  • Color: Black
  • Safety Feature: Phthalates Free
  • Function: Clitoral Stimulation/Erection Support
  • Allergy Info: Latex-Free

VeDo Toys: Turbo Vibrating Rings


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Climax in 4, 3, 2, 1..

The VēDO Turbo Vibrating Couple's Ring packs a powerful punch with not one, but FOUR vibrating motors.

Click on all four simultaneously or one at a time – you decide how much power you or your partner needs.

As with all VēDO products, the Turbo Rings are made from high quality silicone with a seamless finish.

This smooth material gives this reusable ring enough elasticity to fit any length or girth, and makes it phthalates and latex free.

Partner this adult sex toy with water-based lubricants only and clean with soap and water after each use. 

Product Dimensions: 6.5 cm long, 3 cm inner diameter. Button cell LR41 batteries are included. 

About VēDO: VēDO focuses on the newest innovations when constructing their intimate lifestyle products.This brand designs elite eco-friendly and body-safe toys that are not only beautiful, but also help you achieve your ultimate sexual experience. Let your body vibe with VēDO.

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    VeDo Toys: Turbo Vibrating Rings

    VeDo Toys: Turbo Vibrating Rings

    The VeDo Turbo Vibrating Couple's Ring packs a powerful punch with not one, but FOUR vibrating motors.

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    • Material : Silicone
    • Color : Black
    • Safety Feature : Phthalates Free
    • Function : Clitoral Stimulation/Erection Support
    • Allergy Info : Latex-Free
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