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  • Color: Black
  • MANUFACTURER:Liberator

Fascinator Sex Throw - Black Velvet


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Set the scene for worry-free fun!

Your duvet is designed for sleep - not sex. Protect it with the Fascinator Throw.

Beautifuly designed with smooth satin on one side and soft velvet on the other, its internal moisture barrier guards against those inevitable throes of passion!

Toss it anywhere the moment strikes to protect the bed, couch or floor or other fancy furnishings from the dreaded stains and wet spots.

Better than a towel, the Fascinator Sex Throw feels great on your skin and even helps prevent rug burn thanks to its super luxurious material.

When the fun's over, just toss it in the washing machine and it's good as new!

Product Dimensions - 72" by 54"

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    Fascinator Sex Throw - Black Velvet

    Fascinator Sex Throw - Black Velvet

    this Fascinator Sex Throw is smooth satin on one side and soft velvet on the other with an internal waterproof moisture barrier.

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