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  • MANUFACTURER:Key by Jopen

Key by Jopen Comet G Spot Wand


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Oh, what a luxury dildo can do.

G-spot stimulation is often easier said than done, but Jopen's new KEY Comet Wand is cleverly designed to unlock the secrets of the elusive female pleasure zone.

On top of its unparalleled pleasure abilities, the KEY Comet Wand is quite possibly the most gorgeous G-Spot toy we've ever seen!

Crafted with a durable, weighted glass body, the KEY Comet Wand is branded with the stainless steel KEY emblem of quality, and dipped in high-grade silicone for a seductively silky glide.

The flowing shaft's curved 8" length gently swells to a uniquely rounded 1.6" diameter at the tip for explosive results. If you've always craved vibration, you won't miss it here thanks to Comet's extraordinary shaping.

And, because it is made of pure, poreless glass and medical-garde silicone, it is completely skin safe, phthalate free, and a breeze to clean!

Simply rinse with soap and water, or, put it on the top rack of your dishwasher for a more thorough cleansing session.

After you've allowed your Comet Wand to air dry, place it in the included storage pouch to keep it safe from lint, pet hair, and prying eyes. Always use this adult toy with a water-based lubricant.

Comes complete with a 1 year manufacturer's warranty from KEY. (Clearance.)

KEY™ welcomes you to a world of greater pleasure. Beautifuly built and carefully crafted, All KEY products are made with premium body safe Shin Etsu silicone, considered to be the highest quality in the world. Every toy is phthalate-free, anti-bacterial, latex-free, and non-porous. The KEY™ is in YOUR hands!

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    Key by Jopen Comet G Spot Wand

    Key by Jopen Comet G Spot Wand

    G-spot stimulation is often easier said than done, but Jopen's new KEY Comet Wand is specially designed to unlock the secrets of that elusive female pleasure zone.

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