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clitoral vibratorsClitoral Vibrators
Why use a clitoral vibrator? A woman's body must stimulate an estimated 35,000 more nerve receptors than a man to reach orgasm and these sex toys are designed to do just that! Clitoral vibrators are one of the fastest and most effective ways to help a woman reach her full orgasmic potential. Clitoral vibrators can be enjoyed alone or by couples who want to add excitement to foreplay and even enjoy shared orgasms. A clitoral vibrator is an absolute must-have for any woman's adult toy collection.
rabbit vibratorsRabbit Vibrators
Ever hear of a home appliance that can drive an adult female to tears of joy? It’s not a washing machine. The famous rabbit vibrator is a sex toy designed to give simultaneous clitoral and vaginal stimulation by way of a rotating shaft and vibrating external attachment. Rabbit vibrators usually feature “bunny” shaped clit vibrators but also come in a variety of other animal shapes. Rabbit vibrators are our most popular women’s sex toys and make a fabulous gift for any occasion.
classic vibratorsClassic Vibrators
Classic or "traditional" vibrators are one of the most widely known styles of sex toys, with a basic phallic shape. Classic vibrators are designed for vaginal penetration though they are occasionally used for anal and clitoral stimulation. If you prefer vaginal stimulation through penetration, a classic vibrator will be the best choice for you.
first-timers vibratorsFirst-Timers Vibrators
If you're "sex toy timid" you've got to start somewhere, so why not here? We’ve compiled a great selection of smaller, simpler basics to simplify your adult toy shopping experience. Choose from scaled-down rabbit vibrators to sleek and slim clitoral bullets that are small enough to hide in your purse. We've got everything a girl could need to enjoy bigger, better orgasms!
g-spot vibratorsG-Spot Vibrators
The g-spot: It can be harder to find than a genie in a bottle but if you rub it the right way it will make your all your wishes come true. Find your g-spot and stimulate it the right way with the right tool: a g-spot vibrator! Unlike traditional vibrating sex toys, G-spot vibrators are specifically designed to locate the G-spot, provide you with an intense g-spot orgasm and even experience squirting (also known as female ejaculation.)
vibes of colorVibes of Color
Say goodbye to putty beige! Our sex toys and vibrators come in a deliciously realistic range of Latin and African-American skin tones to please any sexual palette, from crème brûlée to dark mahogany. Here you’ll also find African-American erotica and great instructional sex videos for couples. Click here to see more.
caucasian vibratorsCaucasian Vibrators
Looking for something real? Because love is truly in the eye of the beholder we feature realistic vibrators in a dazzling variety of sizes and widths that will satisfy just about any preference. And, if you're really looking for erotic realism, check out our sex toys made from Cyberskin, a revolutionary new material that feels just like human skin.
bullet vibratorsBullet Vibrators
Can't decide? Bullet vibrators and eggs are the most versatile sex toys you can own. These pocket-sized wonders can add high-quality vibration to almost every part of the body. Use bullet vibrators to stimulate the clitoris, the testicles, the nipples or even add vibration to non-vibrating sex toys like penis sleeves and dildos! Click here to see more.
anal vibratorsAnal Vibrators
Need a little more horsepower from your anal stimulation? Try an anal vibrator! These sex toys can come in the form of vibrating anal beads, anal plugs or look identical to a traditional vibrator. However, anal vibrators will always feature a flanged-base to prevent slippage into the rectum. Anal vibrators can be used as a prelude to anal intercourse or a fun method to enoy more powerful anal orgasms. Click here to see our entire selection of anal vibrators.
sex toy kitsSex Toy Kits
With such a fabulous variety of sexual options sometimes its hard to make up your mind. Why not try a variety of products with a toy kit? These "sexual samplers" are fun, economical and can offer a great way to introduce a first-timer to different methods of stimulation. Click here to see our selection of sex toy kits.
tickling pantiesTickling Panties
Urban legend? While tickling panties and "vibrating underwear" sound more like the domain of locker-room jokes and dirty limericks, they do in fact exist and can get you into all kinds of naughty and interesting situations. Tickling panties are quiet and designed to be worn under clothing so you can explore all kinds of possibilities, from the movie theatre to the shopping mall! Click here to see our selection of tickling panties.
batteries and extrasBatteries and Extras
You may have found the perfect sex toy but you're not done yet! Power your new vibrating friends with our low-cost batteries including AAA's, AA's, C's, and even AG-13 cell batteries for micro-vibes and save yourself a trip to the supermarket!