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edible massage oilsEdible Massage Oils
Tempt your taste buds with a flavored body lotion and turn your lover into a lollipop! Edible massage lotions are so much fun to dribble on and nibble off-You'll want to try a new flavor each and every time! Click here to see our entire selection of edible massage oils.
kama sutra productsKama Sutra Products
Inspired by "The Kama Sutra", the most renowned book on the art of making love, The Kama Sutra Company has created products for over thirty five years that have initiated millions of lovers into the art of Making love Better. Choose a product that tingles and tantalizes, soothes and seduces, or refreshes and renews! Click here to see our selection of Kama Sutra products.
aphrodisiacs and sex enhancersAphrodisiacs and Sex Enhancers
Common problems like stress, poor diet and lack of sleep can wreak havoc on your libido and even make sex feel like a chore. Why not try a little something to put the wind back in your sails? Click here to see our entire selection of aphrodisiacs now.
bath and body productsBath and Body Products
Need to take a time out? Hang the "Do Not Disturb" sign on the door and stimulate your body and senses with our sensual body care products. Our all-natural body lotions, candles and bath gels are made with skin-soothing essential oils that will leave you renewed and refreshed. If you're in the mood for a romantic interlude, tempt your lover with scented bubble bath or a scented massage oil from our Kama Sutra line for one decadent experience.
Lubricants reduce friction and add a sensual glide to any sexual activity. They are designed to mimic the properties of natural body fluids but last much longer. They are especially important to use with condoms and sex toys because these items tend to absorb moisture. Generally, they come in two different forms, silicone or water-based. Either way, with our huge selection of lubricants you're sure to find the perfect one here.
body paintsBody Paints
Use your body as a canvas! Body painting is a fun and adventurous way to express your fantasies with your lover. Want to create your own work of erotic art? Click here to see our entire selection of body paints and liquid latex.