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clear personal lubricantsClear Personal Lubricants
Wet your whistle! Just like your car needs oil to run smoothly, sexplay with erotic toys and even condoms requires extra lubricant to operate at maximum efficiency. Lubricants last longer than natural body fluids and help increase the fluidity and pleasure of any erotic encounter. Click here to see our selection of personal lubricants.
anal lubricantsAnal Lubricants
The Golden rule of anal play: DON'T FORGET THE LUBE! Lubricants are absolutely essential for this kind of sexual activity. They not only reduce friction and discomfort, lubricants can also stimulate and enhance your erotic experience. Click here to see our selection of anal lubricants.
edible lotionsEdible Lotions
Tempt your taste buds with a flavored body lotion and turn your lover into a lollipop! Edible massage lotions are so much fun to dribble on and nibble off-You'll want to try a new flavor each and every time! Click here to see our selection of edible lotions.
Check out the latest in condom technology! Besides being an effective form of birth control and disease prevention, condoms can actually increase sexual staying power and increase pleasure for both partners. Click here to see our selection of condoms.
sensual massage suppliesSensual Massage Supplies
Massage oils and lotions can be a soothing, gentle and, potentially erotic way to relieve tired muscles. Ease away tension and stress with our high-quality massage products from Kama Sutra, Lelo and Intimate Organics.