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anal lubricantsAnal Lubricants
The Golden rule of anal play: DON'T FORGET THE LUBE! Lubricants are absolutely essential for this kind of sexual activity. They not only reduce friction and discomfort, lubricants can also stimulate and enhance your erotic experience. Click here to see our selection of anal lubricants.
anal beadsAnal Beads
Anal beads or "Thai Beads" were originally developed in the Orient over a thousand years ago. They're designed to powerfully magnify the orgasm and can function as an amazing addition to sex! Click here to see our selection of anal beads.
butt plugs and probesButt Plugs and Probes
Butt plugs are designed to be inserted and left in the rectum during sex or self-stimulation. This can increase sexual arousal and promote orgasm in both men and women. Click here to see our selection of butt plugs & probes.
anal vibratorsAnal Vibrators
Need a little more horsepower from your anal stimulation? Try an anal vibe! They can come in the form of beads, plugs or look almost identical to a vibrator (the only difference being the flared base.) They can be inserted and left in during sex, or used with an in-and-out motion. Click here to see our selection of anal vibrators.
advanced anal toysAdvanced Anal Toys
Addicted to anal? Welcome to the hardcore club! If your mantra is “bigger is better" then these huge anal dildos and sex toys should be right up your alley (so to speak.) Click here to see more.