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  • Width/Diameter: 1.5 Inches
  • Material: TPR
  • Color: Black
  • Safety Feature: Phthalates Free
  • Function: Anal Penetration
  • Action: Non-Vibrating
  • Allergy Info: Latex-Free

Renegade Pleasure Balls - Black


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Bigger, better beads.

Isn't it about time advanced anal toys were made of quality materials? NS Novelties recognised this need and made a bigger sized bead with a thick 1.5 inch diameter.

The Renegade Beads aren't just fun for your bum - they're made from body-safe TPR material which is phthalate free, latex free and compatible with all your favorite lubricants. 

You can keep them there during intercourse, or other sexual play. The beads can be pulled back out slowly during climax or in one fast pull for maximum explosive pleasure. 

After you've enjoyed your anal bliss, clean your beads thoroughly with soap and water or toy cleaner.

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    Renegade Pleasure Balls - Black

    Renegade Pleasure Balls - Black

    The Renegade Beads aren't just fun for your bum - they're made from body-safe TPR material 

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